Meetings in a Box

Photo of diverse paper dolls holding hands.When faced with a child’s addiction, parents have an opportunity to grow and change. We have created numerous “Meetings in a Box” that help you explore the various facets of addiction from denial to serenity. Each Meeting in a Box tackles a different topic and can be downloaded for us on your own or with a small group of parents who seek to make sense of how they have responded to their child’s substance abuse. We created the Meetings in a Box during weekly meetings with four to six mothers who were committed to surviving—and even thriving—during their child’s struggles with drugs or alcohol.

You can view a sample Meeting in a Box here

Each Meeting in a Box includes thought-provoking “conversation starters,” projects, reading lists, suggested music and a relevant entry from the Seeking Serenity blog and costs only $1.99.

Photo of a man.Meeting in a Box: Acceptance

Learn to accept the things we cannot change about our situations.

Price: $1.99

Photo of a woman.Meeting in a Box: Anger

Learn to accept anger and channel it in a positive way.

Price: $1.99

Photo of a mother and son.Meeting in a Box: Boundaries

How to set boundaries and be healthy in our relationships.

Price: $1.99

Photo of a woman.Meeting in a Box: Calming Ourselves

Discover ways to calm ourselves when we are frantic or stressed.

Price: $1.99

Photo of teen girl talking to woman.Meeting in a Box: Communication

Discuss how to communicate more authentically and successfully with our loved ones.

Price: $1.99

Photo of woman.Meeting in a Box: Courage

How to find courage when we need it.

Price: $1.99

Photo of a man.Meeting in a Box: Expectations

Come understand how the expectations we have for our loved ones can set us up for happiness or sorrow; explore the impact of expectations on our family relationships and our own lives.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Trust

It has been said that trust is the first thing lost and the last thing restored after the fallout from addiction.  Discover ways to address your own trust issues.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Gratitude

How do we live in gratitude when our children are suffering?  Discover ways to change your attitude!

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Spirituality

Spirituality is important in our own recovery from the family disease.  Discover tools to improve your conscience contact with a God of your understanding.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Fear

Learn what keeps you from change and growth.  Discover different ways to work through your deepest fears.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Finding Serenity

Finding ways to be calm and peaceful in the eye of the addiction storm.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box – Forgiveness

Learn how to forgive and let go, to ourselves and to others.  Discovery why this is such an important component to our own recovery.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box – Hope

Albert Einstein said, “learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Hope keeps us going when all else seems impossible.  There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Intuition

To reclaim our innate ability to act on what is true, even when life is unpleasant or situations are difficult.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Denial

To understand the coping mechanism that can perpetuate rather than solve the problem.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Letting Go

How can we let go of our addicts so they, and not we, are responsible for the choices they make and the consequences of those choices?  Start here.

Price: $1.99
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