Meetings in a Box D – F

Meetings in a Box – D through F


Photo of a man.Meeting in a Box: Expectations

Come understand how the expectations we have for our loved ones can set us up for happiness or sorrow; explore the impact of expectations on our family relationships and our own lives.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Fear

Learn what keeps you from change and growth.  Discover different ways to work through your deepest fears.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box: Finding Serentiy

Finding ways to be calm and peaceful in the eye of the addiction storm.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box – Forgiveness

Learn how to forgive and let go, to ourselves and to others.  Discovery why this is such an important component to our own recovery.

Price: $1.99

Meeting in a Box - The Disease of Addiction

Will power or disease?  Find out the facts about addiction and how knowledge helps your approach to coping.

Price: $1.99
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