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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Letting go to move forward

How often have we heard the saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff?’ It reminds me that there is a follow on saying ‘…and it’s all small stuff.’ I know I can get wrapped up on either stressing or obsessing on things that are truly not worth the energy that I give it. I have to catch myself at times and reel myself back in to get perspective. I realize that what is important to me may not be important to others. I also know that I need to voice my concerns or expectations to those important to me because they certainly can’t read my mind.  And it’s probably just as well that they can’t, by the way…boy would that get me into trouble on some days. In this journey of examining my co-dependent behavior I’ve learned that not only did I sweat the small stuff but I also stewed about it in a very quiet and covert way.
I must choose how I want to approach situations that may frustrate me and realize that I have a choice. Do I want to stew and obsess? Or do I want to either deal with it or let it go? I know the healthy answer is to either deal with what is bothering me by addressing it with those involved or simply let it go. Many times when I really look at it, I realize it is not worth the extra effort, that it truly is the ‘small stuff.’ In these cases learning to let go is such a powerful act that can alleviate me of further angst. Letting go can give me back time to live in peace and joy rather than frustration. For today I chose to let go of the small stuff and move forward in healthy and productive ways.

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