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The Attitude of Gratitude – Finding peace and contentment

How will I chose to live today? Looking at the glass half full or half empty? Seeing the possibilities or the roadblocks? Finding the joy or the sorrow? I have a tendency to be an eternal optimist, but sometimes I find myself slipping into a mode that is all too easy to be critical. At these times it seems I find fault in others whether I know them or not. Why is this person driving so slowly? Only to find out they are about to turn.  Or a more drastic situation – why is that person taking so long to stand up and get moving only to find they recently had a hip replacement.  Wow – do these circumstances humble me. I realize so many things about myself. First, why can’t I just go with the flow? I have worked hard on this over the years and find myself in the flow more often than not. But when I’m not I seem to be taking a sharp detour to a place of negativity that drags me down.
I know that when I am in an attitude of gratitude, no matter how big or how small, that is when life is good. I feel happy, joyous and free to live in the moment with all that it has to offer. When I am open to the flow, I have a tendency to see things I may not even have noticed before. I have realized on certain occasions that I drive by the same streets and then one day I see that a whole new building has sprung up. Why didn’t I recognize this before? It is most likely because I was thinking about all the things that were going to happen instead of enjoying the surroundings. Lately I have tried to look around while I’m out on a walk, and just soak in the amazing place where I live. When I chose to live in an attitude of gratitude I feel peaceful and content and life is good.

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