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The Winds of Change – Life lessons from a difficult journey

I was once asked by a friend, ‘What has changed with you since going through this experience with your daughters struggle with addiction?’ It is an interesting question because I can reel off quite of few quick thoughts, but as I think deeper about the question – it quiets me to reflect on the monumental overhaul that has taken place with me, my daughter, my family and even acquaintances in some ways. I have been humbled by this journey. I have learned so much about judgment and how incredibly unfair it is. When I hear of a situation that I may have judged in the past, I think different thoughts…I think about what the person may be going through or how hard it is or how I wish I could help in some way. I have also learned about compassion in the face of hurt and betrayal.
A person struggling with addiction does not want to steal, cheat and hurt the very ones that love them so dearly. They have a disease that robs their brain of logical thinking while active in the addiction, with the only cure to abstain and let the brain heal – this takes time, but it is possible. I’ve learned so many things that have changed me. I am grateful for the little things that happen in my daily life. I’m grateful when the day ends and my family is safe and healthy, I don’t fret about insignificant occurrences that I might have in the past – they simply aren’t important. But of all the things I have learned, the ones I treasure the most are to love unconditionally – I may not like some things that happen, but I still love the people in my life regardless. And to be grateful for all things big or small that happen in my life – I know the darkness that can descend and I choose to be grateful now for each moment of light.

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2 Responses

  1. OH i loved that message from sunday, I really needed that today. This is so hard and diificult having an addict for a child. That message is so true in so many ways. Life will never be what we once thought it would of been. Yes there is no logical thinking from my daughter, i keep waiting for it toreturn but the more i think about it she really only had it for a very short time. At least i thought she did. :(

  2. This was such a great message. Things have been very trying lately and I find myself in that place that I know I should not go more often then not. I feel as if the only thing I have left is to be grateful for the small things in life and each night I go to bed thankful that everyone is safe and we made it throiugh another day. I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be living my life like this 5 years ago.
    I always had great visions of what would become of my children and while reading the message about the mom who ran into the person she knew along time ago and the converstaion was started about the kids, I once again felt as though was reading about my own life.